Mastering LinkedIn: A Guide for Content Creators

Written by Adam Spencer

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I recently discovered and listened to a podcast by Sparkloop called Send & Grow featuring Tom Alder from Strategy Breakdowns and how he has grown his LinkedIn audience and newsletter. Truly one of the best, most practical interviews I have heard in a while.
LinkedIn has evolved from a professional networking site to a powerful platform for content creators. Tom Alder, a successful newsletter operator who grew his subscriber base to 35,000 in just seven months, shares invaluable insights on leveraging LinkedIn for organic growth. Here’s a comprehensive guide based on Tom’s proven strategies.

Start with a Bang: The First Hour is Crucial

Tom emphasises the importance of the first hour after posting on LinkedIn. Your post’s engagement during this period is pivotal in determining its overall success. To leverage this, be present to respond to comments and foster conversation. This initial activity can set the tone for your post’s reach and engagement.

Engage Before You Post

Before sharing your content, warm up the algorithm by engaging with other posts, especially from more prominent creators within your niche. This strategy increases your visibility and primes your profile for better reception when you post.

Optimise Your Call to Action (CTA)

Including direct links in your posts can significantly reduce their reach. Tom suggests waiting an hour before editing your post to add CTAs or links. This approach lets you maximise engagement first and drive traffic to your desired destination without compromising the post’s visibility.

Comments: The Untapped Goldmine

Strategic commenting can exponentially increase your visibility. Aim to leave early, high-value comments on posts from profiles with a large following. This can catapult your comment to the top of the thread, exposing your profile to a broader audience.

Consistency and Value Over Volume

Tom’s journey on LinkedIn was marked by consistent posting and providing value, not just volume. He challenged himself to post daily, refining his approach to engage his audience meaningfully. This consistency built a solid foundation for his LinkedIn presence.

The Strategy Behind Growth

Tom’s strategy involves:

  • Providing value.
  • Engaging with the community.
  • Using every tool to enhance visibility without spamming his audience.

His approach is a testament to the power of organic growth when combined with strategic planning and execution.

Leverage LinkedIn for Newsletter Growth

LinkedIn presents a unique opportunity for newsletter operators to grow their subscriber base organically. You can convert your LinkedIn audience into loyal subscribers by engaging with the community, optimising your CTAs, and providing consistent value.

Looking Forward

As content creators and newsletter operators, the key to leveraging LinkedIn lies in understanding the platform’s nuances. Tom Alder’s journey offers a blueprint for success: engage actively, optimise strategically, and always aim to provide value. With these principles, LinkedIn can become a cornerstone of your growth strategy.