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The Australian Startup Series Podcast

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What will the new economy look like? As startups become the new way of life, Australia must become more open and less restrictive to encourage innovation. Hear entrepreneurs’ firsthand accounts of their journey and learn what that has meant to the startup world.

This podcast will give you a great insight into Australia’s innovation ecosystem by tracing its history and future. If you’re curious as to how it all started, who were the innovators that helped transform it, and how this ecosystem interacts with others both domestically and around the world- this is a must-listen!

Some of the guests we’ve booked & interviewed

“I’m Jodie Fox and I was one of the co-founders of Shoes of Prey.”

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“G’day, I’m Niki Scevak co-founder of Startmate and Blackbird.”

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Increasing podcast downloads_01 Over 50,000 post impressions on LinkedIn since launch in February.*

Increasing podcast downloads_01 Over 70,000 Tweet impressions since launch in February.*

Increasing podcast downloads_01 Listenership growing by 120% month on month.*

* accurate as of April 2022.

“I’m Malcolm Turnbull and I’m delighted to be here talking with you, Adam.”

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“G’day, Steve Baxter here from Ten13.”

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“I’m Annie Parker. I’m currently the executive director for Tech Central.”

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Welcome to Day One Across Socials


I’ve never seen someone pull together audio clips with this level of clarity and logic, it really is top-notch work.

Bless you for the work you’re doing Adam! Australia needs exactly what you’re doing, and I’d be honoured to contribute in any way I can.

Director of Entrepreneurship,

The interviews undertaken and proposed by Adam Spencer at W2D1 serve as a rich documentation of that evolution and significant milestones within that, with many insights and lessons for all stakeholders in the ecosystem to benefit from.

Head of Startup Ecosystem, Amazon Web Services


Adam’s work in capturing and documenting those stories is incredibly important – both for current ecosystem members and the many, many that will hopefully follow.

CEO, Evenly

Increasing podcast downloads_01 Website unique visitors increased by over 50% compared with the previous 30 days.*

Increasing podcast downloads_01 More than 15,000 podcast listens since February.*

Increasing podcast downloads_01 45% website visits growth quarter on quarter.*

* accurate as of April 2022.

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Some of our partners & clients

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The work Adam and his W2D1 team have produced has been top quality with quick turnaround times. In building our podcast, we had confidence knowing we had Adam’s support not far away at every step. Much appreciated, would highly recommend anybody seeking to launch a professional podcast to reach out to Adam.

William Buck

Look at all the nice things people have had to say, and how the Australian Startup Series podcast is performing so far.

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Meet The Team

Andy Jones

Andy Jones

Audio Editor & Writer

As Founding Director of Colour & Sound Creative, Andy helps small businesses and not-for-profits achieve their goals and grow by producing compelling digital media.

Will Tjo

Will Tjo

Assistant Producer

Will is an experienced producer, producing the podcast series ‘The Genesis of Startups’ at the University of Sydney. 

Will is an assistant producer at W2D1 Media and is currently working on a production about the history of the Australian startup ecosystem.

Aleshia Spencer

Aleshia Spencer

Social Media

Aleshia is W2D1 Media's social media coordinator and assistant producer.