Newcastle University’s Integrated Innovation Network – Case Study

Written by Adam Spencer

Newcastle University’s Integrated Innovation Network – Case Study

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The I2N is a growing hub of entrepreneurs run by the Newcastle University who are commercialising their research and starting businesses. The I2N have some great runs on the board and they wanted to showcase their successes.


Using W2D1’s existing property, Welcome to Day One, the podcast for regional startups, W2D1 collaborated with the University. We picked the 6 best stories they had to date and went deep with the interviews, taking the best parts we built out a chronological narrative around the start and growth of the companies and stitched it all together with audio narration.


  • We built out 6 unique individual episodes based on some of the I2N’s most successful startups that stand by themselves and were distributed and promoted through Welcome to Day One’s channels. 
  • The content was also repurposed as blog articles that were published on the University’s website. (Example)
  • The content is evergreen and will serve to promote the success of and drive traffic to the I2N in perpetuity.



“Very much enjoying the content you two are creating!”

– Richard Berry, Program Coordinator at i2n, Newcastle Uni

“Really impressed with your work – the flow and editing is great.”

– Siobhan Curran, Senior Manager at i2n, Newcastle University

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