LinkedIn Experiment: Finding the Best Strategies for Reach and Engagement with Kayla Medica

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Written by Adam Spencer

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Episode Summary:

In this episode of Earning Ears, host Adam Spencer interviews Kayla Medica, a marketing expert and creator of the Mehdeeka newsletter. They discuss Kayla’s experiments with LinkedIn, including the surprising finding that posting less frequently actually increased her reach. They also delve into the importance of finding the right content format for your audience and the value of engagement versus reach. Kayla shares her insights on audience acquisition strategies, the power of long text posts on LinkedIn, and the benefits of zero-click content. Don’t miss this informative and engaging conversation with a marketing pro.


0:00: Podcast Chemistry and Japanese Historical Interests
3:40: Optimising LinkedIn Strategy Through Experimentation
5:44: Exploring Newsletter Growth Strategies and Subscriber Acquisition
7:25: Challenges of Newsletter Promotion and Subscriber Engagement
10:19: Effective Promotion Strategies in Slack and Facebook Groups
12:24: Decoding LinkedIn’s Algorithm Through Personal Experimentation
17:12: Content Creation: Passion Over Proficiency
19:15: Dissecting Reach vs Engagement in Social Media Strategy
22:10: Crafting Unique Content in a Saturated Market
24:17: Evolving a Marketing Newsletter for Networking and Reflection
27:19: Effective B2B Marketing Strategies and Platforms
31:37: Setting Boundaries in Marketing Investments
32:55: Podcasting Preferences and B2B Learning Boundaries
34:04: Mastering LinkedIn’s Algorithm for Effective Content Strategy
36:21: Exploring WhatsApp Communities for Direct Audience Engagement
41:04: Content Creation: Enjoyment, Sustainability, and Engagement Strategy

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Earning Ears

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