Podcast Editing Package

$489.00 excl. GST

Pricing is per episode, and GST exclusive.

Over $800 of inclusions & bonuses

Have a video podcast? See our video editing upgrade below.


  • Professional edited audio-only podcast. (Value $540)
  • We’ll deliver a .mp3 formatted version of your podcast episode ready to upload to your media host and publish.


  • x4 Micro-Content for social media distribution. (Value $220)
  • Professionally written episode summary and SEO-optimised podcast episode title. (Value $110)


• Plus GST.
• Media provided must be no more than 40 minutes.
• Media files that exceed the 40-minute limit will be billed at $13.50 p/m for audio editing and $17.50 p/m for video editing.
• You will receive a professionally edited audio file ready for publishing as a .mp3 (.mp4 for video edits).
• No revisions.
• 10-14 day turnaround.

Upgrade to a video podcast

Professional edited video podcast up to 40 minutes. (Value $700)
We’ll deliver a .mp4 formatted version of your podcast episode ready to upload to your media host and publish.

Media (audio or video) provided must not exceed 40 minutes.

Each additional minute of raw media over 40 minutes will be processed and charged at $13.50 (+GST) per minute for audio and $17.50 (+GST) per minute for video. By purchasing this package, you agree to be invoiced for excess media processing.

Bulk deal
Quantity Discount Discounted price
5 - 9 5% $464.55
10 + 10% $440.10
Bulk pricing will be applied to package:


Do you require publishing and scheduling support? Consider adding a “Publishing Support” package to your “Editing” package.

Trust your editing needs to an agency that knows and understands your world. W2D1 Media specialises in creating content for Founders, Operators and Investors.

  • Structural editing. Ensuring optimal episode flow for the best listening experience possible.
  • Content curation. Deciding what stays in and what should be omitted for the listener’s benefit.
  • Noise reduction. Remove background audio, hums, buzzing. To ensure clean audio.
  • Removing filler words so the conversation flows smoothly.
  • Adding intros/outros and any relevant stingers or bumpers amongst transitions.
  • Audio mixing.
  • Mastering.
  • Exporting file.

Inclusion Benefits

Audio Editing Benefits

• Tailored Sound Design
• Consistent Audio Levels
• Efficient Editing Process
• Strategic Content Structuring
• Quality Control
• Time-Saving
• Scalable Solutions
• Cost-Effective

Bonus Benefits

x4 Micro-Content Benefits

• Precision Extraction
• Engagement Boost
• Brand Amplification
• Cross-Platform Compatibility
• Audience Expansion
• Effortless Integration
• Time Efficiency
• Resource Optimisation
• Strategic Focus

Episode Summary Benefits

• Superior Quality
• Time Efficiency
• Brand Consistency
• SEO Mastery
• Engagement Amplification
• Content Versatility
• Flexible Scaling
• Diverse Creativity
• Cost-Effectiveness
• Strategic Focus